Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Most Depressing Fairytale Ever

Once upon a time there was a girl who had been without power for five days.

That girl was in her office at church one Thursday afternoon when the power came back. The girl was ecstatic and called her church leaders to give them the great news. The phone and Internet weren't back yet but the girl was happy to work without them. At least she could turn the lights on!

Later that night the girl drove up her street and noticed that the power lines that had been tangled in trees since Sunday had been cleared and every house on the street had power.

The girl was getting ready to open her car window and give her husband (who was following in his truck) a fist pump when she noticed that everything went dark the house before hers.

Apparently her house is on another grid.

A grid that has not yet been fixed.

The girl cried.

The End.

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  1. LOL. You made me laugh. But i know it's not funny!! Either laugh or cry, right!? :) I'm sooo sorry you still have no power. Trust me, i KNOW it sucks!!!! I hope it's back on SOON! {HUGS!}

  2. oh, hon, i'm sorry! :( but on the brightside from earlier - STARBUCKS. *hugs* praying for power to be restored soon.

  3. I remember 3 years ago when Hurricane Gustav hit we didn't have power for about a week either. My office technically didn't have power, except that they had a generator to power the building. I loved going to work because it meant air conditioning. Of course we didn't have phones or internet, so we couldn't be that productive, but in some ways that wasn't a bad thing.

  4. I went to work today on my day off for that sole reason! The church was up and running, so my powered and wired office was much more fun than my dark home. :)

  5. True - I do love Starbucks. Have you read Onward? AMAZING - it makes me love the company that much more.

  6. i haven't, but i think i'll have to check it out now!!


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