Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making Leftovers Less Boring

I love cooking simple meals in bulk that can eaten for lunch and dinner all week.  It makes my life so much easier!  The only problem is that it tends to get boring to eat the same thing over and over again.  Agreed?

Bruce and I took yesterday's Mexi Blend Cheeseburger & Broccoli Pie, broke it up into small pieces, tossed it in a skillet with some olive oil and threw in some diced tomatoes at the end (just enough time to get them warm).  I topped mine with a little bit of cheese!

I won't be getting my own Food Network show any time soon, but it's nice to cook in bulk and not eat the exact same thing every single day.

I was home from my meeting in time for The Office!  Who else is watching?


  1. Those look like tasty leftovers! I love jazzing up leftovers. Feels like a whole new meal in minutes. :)

  2. I'm watching again this year. I didn't watch much last year, but now that Andy's the boss, I want to see how it works out. I loved the end of tonight's episode! I loved Jim's pep talk with Andy and I loved that he got that surprise at the end. So sweet.

  3. I agree! Otherwise I'm just eating the same thing over and over again ...

  4. I know, me too! It was like they all accepted him. I think a lot of people are watching simply out of curiosity - so that might actually help ratings!


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