Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cold Cures

Ack, I am so close to feeling better.  But I am at the stage of this sinus/cold/head thing where I am just exhausted and my head feels ... big.  I have a meeting tonight, so I left the office around 12:30 to get some rest and work with my feet up.

As lame as it is to be under the weather, this happens to me when the weather changes - and I am excited about that!  Bring on fall, please!

In the meantime, my sinus/cold/head remedies have been as of later ...

Chicken Noodle Soup with crumbled up crackers (it gives it a stew-like texture!).

Yes, that is Italian Ice.  I send Bruce a text the other day when I was at the "my throat is burning" stage and said that I wished we had Popcicles.  And yes, my sweet husband walked in the door that night with both Popcicles and Italian Ice to sooth my throat.

He's kind of sweet.

What are your remedies for annoying ailments?  I remember one time being sick when I was young and my throat hurt and I was crying to my mom, who promptly left my room to get some "medicine" - which only made me cry harder (I hate medicine).  Turns out the "medicine" she was getting was icing on a spoon!  She said it would help my throat - and it did!  So smooth.


  1. Anything eucalyptus helps me. Whole Foods has these incredible shower tablets (which look like giant Alka Seltzer tablets) that you can put on the floor of your shower, and they let off eucalyptus essential oil filled steam. SO good. Straight eucalyptus essential oil is great, too, especially when you add a few drops to a hot compress and drape it over your face.

  2. I need to get something like that! I wonder if there is a Whole Foods nearby ...


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