Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall ... Maybe?

Finally feeling better!  I even made myself a cup of coffee this morning!

For multiple reasons, I have drastically cut back on my coffee consumption lately, so this was such a treat!

It was also a treat because I was tasting another flavor from Godiva + Foodbuzz.  I liked this flavor even better than the pumpkin one!

Bruce and I have been talking about the leaves lately and we've come to the conclusion that Hurricane Irene may have done a number on our pretty New England foliage.  I'm seeing a lot of leaves die or fall before the colors change - such a bummer!  That's one of my favorite parts about fall ...

Anybody else having a sub-par foliage season?


  1. bummer about the leaves falling before they change. i am w/ you in that the changing colors are one of my favorite things about the season! hopefully there will still be some trees hanging in there til they're supposed to. the colors have been very vibrant around here lately. i think cuz of all the rain we finally got! praise the Lord! : )


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