Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's College Football Time And It's Fabulous

Well, I guess that was it for our gardening this year.

 Thanks Irene.

Poor tomatoes.

We'll see what we can salvage - but oh my goodness.

Oh well - there's always next year!

We haven't gotten out to the grocery store yet today, but we did have some bagels in the pantry, which meant a whole wheat bagel (toasted) + peanut butter + granola + honey was on the menu for breakfast this morning.


Drinking Fat Puppy Colombian Supremo - it's so nice to use my own coffee maker again!


If you need to find me today I will be watching football  3 1/2 years in Georgia has given me an undying love for all things SEC Football.  It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr ...

Bruce and me at a Bulldogs game in 2009.  I wore a dress!

We're currently watching Utah State at Auburn.  War Eagle!

Who are you rooting for today?!


  1. yay for SEC love :) It's the best conference afterall! Geaux LSU Tigers!!!

  2. Haha - love the comment before mine! GO LSU!!! :) Everyone here is praying for the power to stay on so they can watch the game! (I say "they" b/c i'm not a big football watcher...though i did go to LSU & root for them!)

  3. We don't watch college football. If we did we would be Penn State fans but yeah... we watch the Steelers instead. People around here get seriously crazy about Steelers football. Too bad it costs the same amount as a cheap weekend away to go to one game and get the top row seating. Would be fun to go to a game. Oh well... maybe when I am rich. :)

  4. My dad is a huge PSU fan! Around here people are much more interested in the NFL than college football. I think it's all a matter of culture.

  5. I think when you live in Louisiana it doesn't matter if you're a football watcher - you're a fan!

  6. Penn State or UCONN.............. Dallas Cowboys

  7. How did you become a Dallas fan?!

    I do have a soft spot in my heart for PSU - and JoePa!

  8. When I was in the Army, stationed in San Antonio I attended a party that included a few Cowboy players. Ever since then 1966.


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