Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creative Cooking

I was just looking through my camera and found some photos that I had taken on Sunday in the middle of the storm - we were still enthusiastic about feeling innovative about the lack of power at that point.

That eventually wore off.

Once we had been downgraded to a tropical storm, we were craving something hot to eat.  We didn't want to have to open and shut the fridge or the freezer a whole lot - not that it mattered in the end :( - so we decided to go with a simple grilled cheese and tomato soup.  We don't have a gas stove, so we made both on the grill!

We used the side burner for the soup and wrapped the pot in foil so that the wind wouldn't blow out the flame.  It wasn't perfect, but it worked.

I set the table.

Side note - if you are without electricity and do not know when it will be restored, it is best not to use actual dishes. 

Because six days later, those dishes will be gross.

Bruce was finishing up the grilled cheese when he heard a CRACK!


There goes the top of a tree ... 

Man, this hit the spot that day.

With freshly dried basil!

Once the storm seemed to have passed, we took a drive.  It was so strange to see everyone out and about, assessing the damage, chatting with their neighbors, etc.  Our lives really are impacted by the technology we are connected to.

The immediate damage:

After that point, the food went bad and we pretty much just ate out.  I have to say - it has been nice not to have to drive to get to food today!

And when I think things like that I realize just how blessed I am.


  1. Those are some crazy pictures!!! Also, that grilled cheese looks amazing!

  2. You know, we made it on the grill because we had to, but I think I might do it sometime again NOT out of necessity - it was awesome!


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