Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Premieres

Oh myyyyyy ...

I love and adore fall so this morning's weather makes me so ridiculously happy!  The air is crisp - and I saw pumpkins yesterday! 

Change is on the horizon folks ...

Cool, crisp air calls for a hot bowl of oatmeal, agreed?

That's what I thought.

Today is my day off and I love letting myself have get a slow start to the day!  I'm actually heading to Connecticut for the night (Bruce is staying home, boo!) so I should probably think about getting myself packed and on the road!

Random question - I was scouring the internet this morning to see if I could find a preview for next week's NCIS premiere, but came up short.  Has anyone seen one?


  1. yes on all accounts! it is in the sixties, the SIXTIES today in north carolina! awesome! i choose not to think about the fact that next week it's going to be in the 80s. i shall not believe it:)

  2. I had oats this morning, too! It kind of felt like a celebration- I am LOVING this perfect fall weather:-).

    Tuesday night at 8 I think. Or maybe not 8, depending on the time zone.
    Criminal Minds premiers on Wednesday! I'm so excited! And Glee is on Tuesday! But I may have to watch them later. Not sure yet.

  4. I have a Trustees meeting on Tuesday night! I guess I have to wait until Wednesday. I'll stay off twitter until then.


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