Friday, September 16, 2011

Shakespeare For My Father

Wow ... Tonight was incredible.

I went with my parents tonight to the opening night of a local production of Shakespeare For My Father, a play written and originally performed by our sweet friend Lynn Redgrave.  I'm not sure I can really put into words just how well the actress playing Lynn, Susan Pettibone, embodied Lynn's character.  It was unreal, emotional, surreal

It was ... magical. 

It was theater at its best.  We all miss her so much - but felt like she was there tonight.  My hats off to director Jane Farnol and everyone at Theatre Works!

Our night started at The Cookhouse (they need to migrate east to Rehoboth!).

Bread & Biscuits to start off the meal ... 

And Chicken Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries for dinner!

(Ironically enough, I had the same meal the night I passed my ecclesiastical council - who knew I would be called to Rehoboth two months later?)

We got back to my parents house and my dad and I promptly went on Samuel French's website and ordered copies of the script.  It is just beautifully written and brilliant on so many levels that I want a copy close by my desk!

I'm sorry if this post is so jumbled.  My emotions are all over the place tonight.  'Night all!

No one dies who is remembered.

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