Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Up, Up And Away

While we were Volksmarching yesterday, part of our route sent us over a drawbridge, around a little bit and eventually back over the same bridge.
(Just in case you needed more than a mental picture)

The first time we went over it, my uncle commented that it was a good thing that we didn't get stuck with the bridge up waiting for the boats to pass through.  We all laughed and moved on.  When we came back through, we crossed the bridge, stopped to look at the map and heard a siren.  The bridge was going up!  I made us stop so I could take pictures.

Do you see the first boat going through?  It's a small sailboat ... 

Neat, right?  I did feel bad for the never-ending row of cars that got stuck, but it didn't seem like it was a terribly long wait.


In other news, I realized today that having a grill means we have one more way to heat up leftovers!

For lunch I heated up pizza from last night on the grill and it was delicious!  I used the foil just in case some of the cheese dripped off.

Soooooo, just out of curiosity ... has anyone ever gotten stuck on one side of a drawbridge because the bridge was up?


  1. All. the. time. (about the drawbridge) We have one that the freeway goes over (worst idea ever!) and I have definitely gotten stuck waiting! The hospital I gave birth at is actually on the other side of it and I prayed that I wouldn't go into labor and get caught with the drawbridge up! (good news, I didn't!)

  2. Yes, I have. There's one in New Haven, near where I live and I've been stuck behind it on my way to work! "Sorry I was late, the bridge was up..." (I don't work there anymore so it's no longer an issue OR an excuse!)

    As for the particular bridge that you were stuck near...I know exactly where that is; my coworkers have been stuck behind it many a time.

    I think this is my first comment here, but I've been following you for awhile and we've chatted via Twitter. It's JentoInfinity--I started the Twitter account after I'd been blogging for awhile, and didn't want the two necessarily to be connected. Which now I think is silly, but oh well! :-)

  3. Actually, I've been stuck behind the very bridge you were taking pictures of!


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