Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sowing Seeds

The irony in my life is hysterical at times. The title of my sermon for tomorrow is "Sowing Seeds Of Faith" based on the Parable of the Sower (found in Matthew). One of the biggest themes that I see that comes out of this parable is that no matter how hard we try to plant seeds (read: faith communities, paths in life, etc. etc. etc.) in places and times where they will grow, sometimes the seeds fall on rocky soil, in droughts, floods, etc. and we cannot control how they will grow.

So take our garden.  A few days ago I was thinking that it really needed some water.  I almost hooked up the hose to the rain barrel, but somehow got distracted.  When I woke up to rain yesterday I was relieved that I didn't use the rain barrel because it appeared the Mother Nature was taking care of the watering.

Unfortunately, the rain seems to have pummeled different parts of the garden.  The radishes are a knotted mess and the onion have completely fallen over.

And the poor lettuce!  I'm not really sure what to do with it - will it stand up on its own again?

However - look at the peas!

And the beans!

And the cucumbers!

And the tomatoes!  There is growth in some places and wilting in others.  Life isn't about consistent growth and positive outcomes in all areas.  It is about sowing seeds, about nurturing them as best that we know how and about sometimes letting go of our need to control the bottom line and just working with what we are given.
I don't know.  Sometimes I think the garden gives me a lot to think about.  And not just in produce ...

In other news, Bruce and I had a sit down pancake breakfast this morning.  We read the Rehoboth Reporter together afterwards while we drank coffee.  It was quaint and wonderful.

Mmm, juice.  This is a white cranberry strawberry cocktail.  Delicious!

I've got a lot of writing to do today (and some thinking about the garden and life apparently!).  What are you all up to?

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