Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

Not a bad view for a Saturday night, right?

The weather has cooled off and I am officially in love with the citronella sticks that my mother-in-law got for us.  I love working on the deck at night!


Let me back up ... This morning started off with a new yoga app ...

It's called YOGA Free and it had pretty good reviews for a free app.  I like it because it guides you  easily through the position transitions and you are able to create your own sessions.  There is, however, a 25 minutes beginner session and that's what I did this morning.  My back is out of whack right now and I was hoping this would help - I'm not sure that it did, but I did feel looser afterwards!

I had originally planned on sitting down, focusing and writing after breakfast, but for many reasons I just couldn't focus and Bruce knew I needed to get out and burn some adrenaline.  He asked some friends if we could borrow their kayaks and within 45 minutes of him pulling me away from my desk we were on the water.

Oh - but not before I ate this!  We showed up to get the kayaks and I was immediately handed a piece of brown sugar cheesecake.  I seriously love the entire Woodard family.  You guys are the best!  Thank you for everything.

I loooove kayaking.  I really wish it was in the budget for us to buy two of our own right now, but it's just not.  The good news is that I think I know what I want now, and I will have all of next fall and winter to save.  Ha!

The views were gorgeous today.  A little bit of wind, but it just gave me a better workout as I paddled. :) And there was no one on the reservoir!  Where was everyone?

Just what my sweet husband ordered.

We were pretty hungry by the time we got home and Bruce asked if I wanted to attempt to grill pizza (we've been dying to try since this dinner over a month ago!).  He made a quick trip to the grocery store while I attempted to re-focus myself and my sermon.  By the time he got home we both got to work in the kitchen.

I cooked up two different kinds of onions and mushrooms with salt, pepper and garlic while Bruce worked with the dough.

Honestly - this was easier said than done.  The dough was REALLY sticky, so we had lots of problems with it.  We tried to toss it in flour, then cornmeal and eventually ruined half of the dough.  So we ended up rolling what we didn't ruin out on a well-greased cookie sheet, put all of our toppings on it (sauce + mozzarella cheese + pepperoni + onions + mushrooms) and threw it on the grill.

Once the dough puffed up, we transferred it off of the cookie sheet (because we didn't want to ruin it), but realized that the dough might burn because of how hot the grill was ... 

... so we transferred it to a pizza stone.

(Are you still following this story?)

We were in hysterics throughout the entire process.  And my kitchen is still a mess.

Needless to say - we are going to try it again sometime.  We have by no means mastered it.  But dinner was delicious.

All in all the whole day was just what I needed.  After dinner I sat outside and cranked out my sermon faster than I ever would have thought.  I took a break to blog and now I am going to finish up a funeral I am presiding over tomorrow and then call it a night.

Life isn't always easy, but it is days like this that I feel insanely blessed.  Goodnight!  xoxo

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