Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Post: My Sweet Husband!

I am so excited - the other night Bruce was making dinner while I was working downstairs at my desk when he came down to get my camera.  He documented the whole process and asked (HE asked ME!) to write a guest post about it!  Take it away, hubster ... 


The other night, Sarah posted a picture of the dinner I made but did not do her normal write up about it.

I am doing the write up and I am going to try my hardest to be as good as Sarah.

Earlier that day I was in the garden picking green beans and peas when I had an idea for dinner.  Sarah got home about an hour after she said would (which is really good because some days  her 2 o'clock is more like 5 o'clock) and I told her that I would be making dinner.  We spent some time in the garden and before we went in the house to get out if the heat I dug up these.

Our first batch of red potatoes!

They are new red potatoes (called new potatoes because they are picked early and therefore are small) and new potatoes are wonderful halved and drowned in butter.  So this was the center piece of for the meal I planned in the garden.  I am not sure how many chefs center their meal around potatoes and the grill but that is what I was planning to do.

To do these potatoes on the grill I halved them and put them on our smallest cast iron skillet with about 3 tbs or butter.  Then I seasoned them with garlic powder (I would have used real but we didn't have any) salt and dried rosemary.

When you are grilling you need to think about direct heat and indirect heat.  If you are cooking potatoes and butter on a cast iron and you do not want to make your grill a smoke bomb, you need to heat this up indirectly.  To do this I lit the two outside burners then put the pan in the middle and shut the grill lid..  The potatoes went on the grill first and came off last. When I shut the lid the temp was about 300 degrees and I did not touch them for 15 to 20 minutes.  After that time I opened the lid and re-seasoned and started working on the chicken.

For the chicken I wanted to add taste but I didn't have time to marinate and did not think BBQ would go with rosemary potatoes.  So I made a glaze using olive oil, rosemary, cumin, a splash of banana pepper juice and another splash of dry red wine.  I mixed it together and used it as a glaze on the chicken as I slowly cooked it.

So to round this meal off I took some freshly picked, cut and cleaned green beans and put them in with the potatoes.  The meal was good and though it does not sound simple it is.    


Didn't my sweet husband do a great job, both with dinner and with blogging?!  It is so fun to try out each other's hobbies!  Bruce's blog, Outfitted For Life, is busy as usual with outdoorsy stuff!

I hope you're staying cool! xoxo

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  1. You did a great job- on dinner AND this blog post. Everything looks wonderful:-).


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