Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat The Heat Breakfast + Marriage Talk

Oh man - it was 90 degrees at 9:00 this morning.

I don't want to talk about it.

If you need me, I'll be in the air conditioning.

It is just toooooo hot for black coffee right now. 

I hesitated to even turn on the toaster this morning, but I didn't have any cereal or yogurt in my fridge.

I'm starting early with ice water - stay hydrated friends!


So Kelly's Korner is talking marriage advice today and I thought it would be fun to link up.  Welcome to anyone stopping by from Kelly's blog!

Bruce and I got married on June 13, 2009.  We had been together for about 2 1/2 years prior (our engagement was about a year).

Throughout our relationship we have been through four moves, one masters degree (mine), two ER trips (one for each of us), countless plane rides, creative commuting ideas when we were a one-car family in Atlanta (him on a bike and me walking or on a scooter), and one ordination.  There really has never been a time when we have felt settled.

Until now.  And looking back on the past couple of years, I know that making it through that means we can make it through anything!

My best advice for anyone getting ready to get married or having trouble in your own marriage is to learn how to speak each other's languages.  Everyone brings their own story, history and family system to a marriage and there are going to be times when those stories/histories/systems clash.  And that's okay!  Don't get worked up when that happens because it's normal.  The key is to learn how to interpret what the other person is saying and how to help the other person interpret what you're saying.

Over the past couple of years, Bruce and I have actually developed our own language, which really helps us communicate!

Marriage is a journey - one that you are on together.  You will never be a perfect husband or wife. You will never have the perfect marriage.  Never.  If that is what you aim for every day, you will make yourself crazy.  Be humble in who you are and in your marriage.  Count your blessings when you are feeling frustrated.  Be willing to make compromises.  Articulate what is really important you and know how to see what is important to your spouse.

Tell your spouse that you love them several times a day, even when you are having an argument.  Actually - especially when you are having an argument!

And have fun.  Because marriage SHOULD be fun!

What is your best marriage advice?!

Stay cool everyone!


  1. May you and your husband be blessed with many happy years!

  2. I like how you said that marriage is a journey you are on together. Great advice :)

  3. You are a very cute couple and you seem to be doing it right! I t took me 23 years to figure it out but I am happy I did!


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