Thursday, July 21, 2011


I was leaving work this afternoon feeling very exhausted (lots going on + some church members who aren't doing well) when I got a text from a friend saying that she and the kids were in their pool and Bruce and I were more than welcome to come over.  It totally felt like divine intervention!

Before we left, we put together a late lunch.  It was close to four by the time we ate!  Just one of those days ...

But it was totally worth it.  Bruce threw some steak on the grill and I went down to the garden to pick some lettuce and onions.  We had a cucumber that I picked yesterday or the day before in the fridge as well as a tomato (still from the store - ours are still green!).

Bruce sliced up the steak and some cheese.  I drizzled some ranch dressing over my salad and served it with tortilla chips.

Oh myyyyy.  I was thinking today about how much gardening has enhanced my summer eating habits (while still keeping my grocery bills reasonable).  I would strongly encourage all of you (if you don't already) to find a way to get some plants in the ground next year - even if you just use a container.  It's been so much to learn about and we literally plan around what we have on hand (rather than spending more on something that may be out of season).

Post-meal, we headed out for about an hour or so of pool-time.  It was so refreshing!  The pool temperature was in the high 80's - without the heater on!  This weather is nuts.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm going to finish watching this NCIS rerun and go to bed.  The day + the heat + the pool time has just about worn me out.  I might read for about an hour, but I'm determined to give myself an earlier bedtime!  These non-stop days and bedtimes after midnight are starting to take their toll.  How did I do this in college?

Just out of curiosity - when is your bedtime?


  1. I used to try to be in bed by 10 on work nights, but now it's more like 11 or 11:30...I really should get more sleep.

  2. I'm usually in bed by 10:30 and read until I fall asleep - usually around 11 unless the book is really good! :)

  3. i've been staying up late lately (ha) & it's taken a toll. i try to get to bed by 11, but working late means i'm not home til later, and that gives me less time to "decompress." so then i end up going to bed at 12 or 1. 5 hours of sleep is NOT enough! *laugh* as i type this, it's 10:30, and i'm going to TRY once again to get to bed by 11-ish... : )

    btw, your salads look so GOOD!

  4. Um, it's 12:07 am Friday... :P
    I don't go to bed early enough. I mean, it works for now because I don't work every day, and normally I don't start until 4 in the afternoon, but I need to get back to a more "normal" sleep schedule, especially considering I start school in just over a month and I think my earliest class is at 8 or something...
    I suppose being on the laptop and watching TV until midnight doesn't really help with turning my brain off either... But supposedly your brain is most active at night, so...
    Anyway, I have a crap bedtime routine--bed at 12 or later most nights and then most days don't wake up until at least 10. Some days I'm up by 9 or so, but that's kind of rare...

  5. In bed by 10 pretty much every night. I like my sleeeeep.


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