Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Am Loving, Chapter II

1. Listening to NPR while finishing my bulletin.

I think NPR only hires people with soothing voices.  Agreed?

2. Milog, my newest iPhone app.

I have to track my mileage when I am driving for church-related things and the old-school pad/pencil (that my mom has used successfully for 30 years!) doesn't seem to work for me - I always forget to write one of the logs down.  This app will flash a little number if I do that, so it's really helpful.

3. Young House Love's Kitchen Remodel

If you don't read YHL, you need to.  Just trust me.  They inspire me every day.

Although, in my case, I'm being inspired to finish unpacking from my move three months ago.  Not remodeling.

4. Talking theology and faith with my church members.  They make me think in a way seven years of theological and philosophical education never did!

5. Writing my own liturgy.  There so many wonderful resources out there for church liturgy and worship, but I love sitting down and thinking about my congregation as they will say it in worship.  A very cool part of my job.

And I love scribbling it on a legal pad before I type it out.*

What are you loving?!

*My handwriting is usually much neater than that but when I right prayers I do a stream of consciousness and scribbling is the only way for my hand to keep up with my brain!


What I Am Loving Chapter I

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  1. I'm loving YHL's kitchen too!! I spent the last few months reading through their whole blog archives. I love, love their style and can't wait to have my own place to decorate. Less than two weeks now!

    Missing you girl :)


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