Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Momma Hawk Down

Hey, remember that time I was out for a walk and got dive bombed by a hawk?

It's a long story.  Here's the dumb thing - I know that the hawk is there AND I know that she's protective of her babies.  My neighbors have warned me (she's gone after several of them and one of them needed stitches on his head!), she's gone after Bruce on his bike and we've seen her from the car.  She has a nest in a tree right on the road and we all know where it is, but there is not much anyone can do about it. 

Bruce realized that he and I had only seen her at dusk so we thought we would avoid walks or bike rides near the nest at that point in the day.

Apparently I forgot.

Oh - but do you remember last winter when I posted this facebook status?

I suppose I can add to my repertoire of bizarre running partners.  I'm just glad my reflexes were on tonight and I ducked in time.

Never a dull moment, friends.

Oh!  But it was lovely walk - 5.19 miles in 1:17:27, averaging a 14:54 pace.  I did a little bit of run/walk, but mostly a quick paced walk.

Guess who grilled herself tonight?

I'm so handy.

Burgers + Garden Salad --> The grill and the garden have made house living so much fun over apartment living!

Always have a little faith nearby!

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