Saturday, April 23, 2011

Waiting For The Resurrection

It's raining!  I am hopeful that the rain in the forecast for tomorrow will hold off for our sunrise service.

Breakfast.  Amazing.

I love this mug!  An ordination gift ...

I found this poem on the UCC website this morning that I really wanted to share.  It is based on Genesis 9:8-17 - a beautiful representation of how we wait for the storm to pass ...

The Rainbow

After the flood ...
The Creator summons light
And rain dissolves into mist
Holding it up before faithful eyes
The Divine
Raises a spectrum of living color
From earth's willing depths

The illumination stalls time
Just long enough for souls
To find rest and restoration
In the hope ...
That "this too shall pass"

In an act of Creative love
Eternal hands wipe away tears
Fluttering vibrant color everywhere!

Dustings of green celebrate uplifted trees
Footprings of red honor rising suns
Streaks of orange dance the dawn of daybreak
Speckles of yellow consecrate midnight moons
Waves of indigo whisper the mystery of ocean's blue

After the flood ... 

Creative hands lovingly paint the sky
With the brilliant light of life
Soothing both Creator and Created

From Worship Ways, Vol. 7, No. 2.  Original text found here.


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