Sunday, March 13, 2011

Signs Of Spring

All of the rain that has fallen recently + the 40-50 degree temperatures we've had over the past several days has caused most of the snow to melt in our yard!

Amazing considering last week it came up to my waist!

Lilly is loving the fact that I've been taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and letting some fresh air in.

I've always said that fall is my favorite subject, but I always need spring the most!

Bruce came home with more seeds for our garden this afternoon.  He's presently on an "herb" kick - hoping that we can bring them inside and keep them growing throughout the winter.

Personally I'm so over this winter that I don't want to think about next winter already.

I am, however, excited about this ...

I use a ton of cumin when I'm cooking Mexican food.  I can't wait to use it fresh!

What are you favorite herbs to cook with?


  1. Is is April yet? I want to plant my garden and start looking for fishing spots!!

  2. Beautiful photos as always! : )

    I use a lot of basil and cinnamon in my cooking. Sometimes together!


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