Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gardening Aspirations

At some point last July, I took advantage of a Thursday night on-call (which meant I recovered at home on Friday and still had the whole weekend free) and joined my Aunt Jen and her fiance on a family vacation in Gaylesville, Alabama (they were up from Florida).

What's in Gaylesville?  Well ... not much.  Lots of farm land.  Lots of beautiful views.  Lots of nice people.  One intersection.

Lots of photo opportunities ...

Waterfalls ...

It was such a wonderful escape from CPE.  I left Gaylesville feeling refreshed and renewed.

Ahhhhh ...

Sorry.  I was reliving that feeling. 

Now where was I going with this?  I swear I have a point.

Oh, right!  The gardens!

Tim's (Jen's fiance) family has a ton of land in the area and there was a vegetable garden that I'm not even sure can be classified as a "garden".

What's bigger than a garden?

(Focus, Sarah!)

Anyway, I was under the weather today and did a lot of laying on the couch and mindlessly watching TV.  Eventually I felt well enough to open my computer and started going through old photos.  I came across the photos I took while I was picking tomatoes that day ...

We made so much salsa the following week.  It was the best week ever.

Bruce happened to walk past me as I was looking at this photo ...

... and now he wants to grow watermelons.  Sigh ...

Watermelons aside, I really hope we have some success at this gardening thing!  There is something so amazing about eating the fruits of your labor, knowing that it is absolutely fresh and not having to stop at the grocery store for produce every few days!  Looking at these photos is getting me really excited about the prospect of fresh salads, stir fries and other savory spreads.

And then I get excited about the fact that this will all be happening in a new place, with new people and a new church.  We move in less than three weeks!

Hopefully I will be feeling more like myself tomorrow and will be back to more normal blogging.  I've missed you guys!


  1. Great shots Sarah !! Tell Bruce good luck with the watermelons. I have never had luck with them around here and they take up a lot of space !! Hope your feeling better !! See you soon, Steve

  2. Some great photos in there! Sounds like a beautiful day you had near the "gardens" boyfriend is interviewing for an internship on a "garden" right now. It's actually a CSA farm that works with autistic kids and we're VERY excited. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our home garden and the sense of togetherness and earthiness that it brings. Eating the *fruits* of your own labor is tremendously exciting and rewarding. :)


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