Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I Love Small Towns

Back in December, I was furiously working to put the finishing touches on my Ministerial Profile.  In the UCC, the Ministerial Profile is the minister's "resume" (for lack of a better word) that gets sent to churches that are searching for new pastors.  It's not a simple document - mine was 19 pages!  It is full of my vocational history, statement on ministry, recommendations, salaries expected, background check, etc. etc.

One of the questions that took me the longest to answer was the question of where I would like to serve.  Small town?  City?  Urban?  Rural?  I could only choose one and I was having a really hard time choosing what I new in my heart I wanted.

Small town.

But seriously - what 26-year-old loves small town life?  Shouldn't I crave a more urban life?  Walking everywhere and soaking up culture?  Seeing shows and popping in on blogger meet ups?


I don't know what it is about small town life.  But I love it.  And I cannot wait to serve a church in it!

One of my church members sent me this article clipping this evening.  One of the perks of small town life?  Local newspapers that care about the small things like new pastors being called.

Is it April yet? :)

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  1. i like small towns, too. :) I haven't always been like that though. When i was growing up, we lived in central which is a suburb of Baton Rouge. I always hated that we were so far away from everything! In college & through my twenties i lived in Baton Rouge where everything is & i loved the location! So close to everything! Now we are still in BR, but closer to Baker which is on the outskirts. I don't love it (not the best area) but we always talk about how when we buy a house we want to live in Zachary or Central. Both near enough to BR (about 20/30 minutes) but so much more country-like. Central is its own city now & everyone knows everyone it seems like. I go to walmart there & see a jillion ppl i went to school with or grew up with. I kinda like it. ;)

    Love the article! Excited for you!


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