Thursday, March 31, 2011



Mom, Dad, Lou LaRocca and John Worthington - words DO NOT express how grateful Bruce and I are for all of your help today.  We couldn't have gotten the truck packed so quickly and so smoothly without you.  Thank you for your patience, your persistence and your enthusiasm.

I can't believe I can say this, but the truck is packed and the house is empty.  We probably could have gotten away with a 17-foot truck, but we're happy that we were able to throw last minute things into the truck and not have to cram everything into my car.

The thought of couches to sit on and TVs to watch was extremely enticing for two people with an empty house, so we decided to come up to my parent's house for dinner.  My dad ordered Chinese food.

Wonton Soup ...

Sesame Chicken, Spare Ribs and Pork Fried Rice ...

I'm so tired I could barely taste it!

The weather reports are kind of throwing a wrench in our plans for tomorrow, but I'm crossing my fingers that the snow (yes, snow) won't be as bad as they're calling for.  I'll keep you posted - but keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

My official start day is tomorrow!  I feel insanely blessed that my search & call process was as short as it was and that I found such a wonderful congregation to serve.

Grace unexpected. :)


  1. Sarah- we're praying for safe travels! We're really (really) not looking forward to this storm, but I have a feeling it's all bark and no bite.

    Wishing you luck and blessings on your move!


  2. Whew! lots of hard work. Praying for good weather and safe travels for you tomorrow!

  3. I think that there are a lot of blessing in this whole process !! We all can be Blessed together !!!!

  4. Wow, Sarah- you're on your way!


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