Thursday, March 31, 2011

My New Church!

What perfect timing! I was working on my sermon reading blogs and happened to see that Kelly is doing a Show Us Your Life about churches!  I never finished talking about my new church on here so I thought now would be a perfect time (and there are sanctuary pictures!).

For those of you coming over from Kelly's blog, I have been called as the Senior Pastor of the Rehoboth Congregational Church in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.  My official start day is tomorrow (all of mine and my husband's belonging are currently packed in a UHAUL ready to arrive at the parsonage!).

This is me standing in front of the church after I preached my Call Sermon and the church voted to call me.  The search process is long and complicated and this was the last step.  There were about 175 people in church that Sunday - a big crowd to preach to at a small-town Congregational Church!

My office!  I can't wait to turn it into a zen-filled spiritual environment.  I think people should walk into a pastor's office and feel an instant sense of calm, agreed?

One of the things that I really loved about this church when I interviewed was their commitment to their children and youth.  They actually have a paid church school director (who is amazing!) which shows how important bringing up children in a strong church environment is.

Isn't the sanctuary beautiful?

I also love that this church is a community church.  Rehoboth is a small town and a lot of time church events = town events AND town events = church events.  Bruce and I both grew up in small towns and we're excited to be part of a new communtiy.

The church is a member of the denomination, The United Church of Christ.  I will be ordained into the UCC on April 10th!  I started the process of ordination in June of 2007 - it feels surreal to be planning the service now!

The United Church of Christ is a progressive mainline denomination that is grounded in the statement, God is Still Speaking.  Members seek to see how God is still actively speaking in their lives.  One of my passions in ministry is to see how God can speak through ordinary, everyday life.  I actually told the search committee when I interviewed that crossing the finish line of my half marathon was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life!

I'd love to talk more about the United Church of Christ if you are intrigued by the God is Still Speaking campaign.  I know a lot of UCC clergy all around the country so I could easily help you find a church in your area.  I think having a strong, vibrant and supportive church community does more than just feed your spiritual needs.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please feel free to follow along as I start this new phase of my life and ministry!

Rehoboth folks - see you soon! xoxo


  1. My daughter found the United Church of Christ here in Salt Lake City and it was a blessing. She is gay and felt like there was no place for her at God's table. The UCC congregation took her into their church and showed her that He loves all his children!

    Good luck and best wishes on your new endeavor!

  2. i love your new church! The sanctuary is beautiful, inside & out! Can't wait to see what you do with your office! Does it feel so weird to say you're the senior pastor!!! :)

  3. What a beautiful church! It looks like something straight out of Stars Hollow :) I can't wait to start listening to your services!

  4. Best of luck on like a zillion things at once. Travel. Moving in. Setting up. Prepping that first sermon. So much to do, in so little time. No worries! God has you covered! Hope to join Terry in Kent, and finally meet the lady and her husband whom, each day after seeing her blog, makes me want to leave my store, go the grocery store next door and find something to eat!!! Stiil working on that peanutbutter in oatmeal...... :)

  5. The church is beautiful! I hope you feel God's guidance in a great way as you start this ministry!

  6. Beautiful Church and good luck with everything! if you have time to stop by :)

  7. oh yes, your new church is gorgeous! many blessings to you this weekend, dear sarah!! also, your house is lovely and i can't wait to see it all unpacked!! : )


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