Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Leave Me!

It's like she's saying, "I know they won't leave without the chair. So if I sit here until they leave they'll take me too!"

We're both starting to feel the wear and tear of packing, but we're in good spirits and have some help coming later.  For now I have to show you our latest treasure that we picked up today ...

When I was over at my friends' house picking up Dolly the other day, I saw this on their screened-in porch.  I had never seen it before, so I asked where it came from.  Without hesitating, Joe said, "Do you want it?!" And without hesitating I said, "BRUCE!"

I love the birdcage design - I think every house should have a good mix of old and modern - and this is just beautiful!

We're currently going back and forth between whether we'll keep it in the master bedroom or the living room.  We'll figure it out when we get there!


  1. awww, poor kitty cat! animals are sensitive to that kind of thing. I love your new piece of furniture, it's gorgeous! Most people get rid of stuff when they move, I think you're the first person I know to acquire two large pieces of furniture, one being a PIANO!, within a week of moving out of state, haha :) I'm glad you have such great friends to help you guys out right now.

  2. Kitties never want to move, then after a month in their new place they act like they've been there all along. :-) Good luck with your move!
    -Holly Gaines


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