Monday, March 14, 2011


Finally feeling like myself again!

Thank goodness - I've missed craving, tasting and savoring my meals.

I've also missed being productive.

So has Bruce.

I made a delicious bowl of PB&J oatmeal this morning.  At the last minute I threw on some chocolate chips.  I couldn't help myself. :)

Speaking of productivity - I'm off to pull the boxes out of the attic and start (gulp) packing.  I'm actually in a much better place about this move than I was about the last one.  There is a lot less unknown, but still a wide open road of possibilities.

Have a great day!


I have some wonderful news!  The team over at Girl Talk have asked me to be a regular contributor for them!  Laura wrote an introductory post this morning and I'll start blogging weekly for them this week.  Consider following, putting them in your google reader or clicking over from my blog.

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