Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Airing Out

I was packing and labeling boxes this morning when I lost track of my sharpie.  I found this in my desk and thought to myself, "How strong could it be?"

Stupid question apparently.  Despite the snow, I opened the windows to get some fresh air in!

We don't have much in the line of food right now, but y'all know how much I enjoy taking a quick and simple meal and making it more delicious ...

Today this was my inspiration.

I took a can of plain 'ole Chicken Noodle Soup and spiced it up with some pepper and chili powder.

Then I threw in some tortilla chips ... 

Topped with cheese and ta-daaaa!  You (sort of) have a very quick, very easy Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Which is exactly what a person need to warm them from the inside out when they are forced to have their windows open on a snowy day.

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