Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Poll

Morning!  I woke up this morning kind of feeling like I was at the bottom of a waterfall.

Between the unhealthiness of yesterday's eating + the overall craziness of my life right now, I know that I need to slow things down today.

I like what Caitlin always says about a "stabilizing breakfast" - that was definitely what I needed this morning!

Oatmeal and black coffee.  It doesn't get much better than that!


Even though I'm not planning on eating, screaming and cheering like I'm watching the Superbowl today, that doesn't mean I can't analyze the commercials, halftime show and overall game-watching experience!  Here's a fun poll if you're feeling bored today ...

What was your ... 
... favorite commercial?
... least favorite commercial?
... biggest eyebrow raising moment of the game?
... thoughts on the halftime show?
... favorite show of sportsmanship?
... favorite overall moment?

Here are my answers!
- I loved the Pepsi Max ones!  Very cute and clever
- The Groupon commercial lacked class and compassion.  I read this morning that some of their profits are going to Tibet and the crises that they talked about (they didn't mention that in the commercial), but I still think it's wrong to exploit a problem like that.  I hope they get nailed for it.
- When Christina Aguilera changed the words to the national anthem.  I would like to say that if I had to sing the national anthem at the Superbowl, I would probably forget the words too.  However, she is a Grammy award winning artist and was probably paid a lot of money to sing it.  It might have been wise to brush up on the words.
- I wasn't really a fan of the halftime show.  I thought they were trying to do too much.
- My favorite show of sportsmanship was when they interviewed the Steelers' coach after the game.  He was very classy, very humble.
- My favorite overall moment was when Aaron Rogers won MVP.  Aaron - you have been compared to Brett Favre for entirely too long.  I hope people realized last night that you've got nothing to prove.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I have to say I agree with you about Aaron Rodgers winning MVP. I was so happy for him, and so glad he can put the Brett Favre Drama behind him. I really like the Black Eyed Peas- I think some people are too ashamed to admit it. I went to one of their concerts before and it was the same way, they just like to do all the lights and robotic type stuff.

  2. I liked the Black Eyed Peas halftime show...the sound wasn't the best, but their songs are sorta fun, so it was fun to watch them perform it. My favorite commercial was the Bridgestone (i think that's the name?) commercial where the beaver saves the man from falling in the river. Cute. Christina flubbing the words was funny and sad all in one. But to be honest, how many of us would mess up the words when put in that sort of situation?

  3. at least your breeakfast didn't make me hungry... Can you tell that I'm behind in reading my favorite blogs...

  4. my favorite commercial was the truck acting like lassie, with the doritos one where the guy sprinkles chips on things to bring them back to life as a close second.

    as to christina's flubbing of the national anthem. she's not the only one who has done this, so i don't think she deserves the MEAN criticism. but i do think she deserves SOME criticism. if you are being paid A LOT of money as i'm sure she was to do something, you should make sure you are doing it correctly. i really think all these singers who do the anthem should bring along sheet music w/ the words. i would much rather see them reading it & getting the song correct than the alternative...

    (sorry that was long!)

  5. I didn't watch the super bowl or the ads or the halftime show because I was at the university, but I have seen/heard stuff about the Groupon commercial. I read this, and found it to be a good explanation of where they're coming from:

    (Still haven't seen the commercial though so haven't really formed an opinion.)


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