Monday, February 7, 2011


I was driving home from church this afternoon and couldn't help but pull over to grab a couple of photos of the frozen pond.

A bunch of guys are usually out ice fishing, but things were quiet today.  It was so still, so peaceful.

I knew I could get a better shot if I went out onto the ice, but I couldn't get up the nerve.  What if it had melted and cracked?  Brr.

My mom took Bruce and me out to lunch today!  I was at the church working on some stuff for my ordination process and Bruce called and offered to drive up and meet us.

I ordered a chicken club and it came with a side of french fries.  Bruce and my mom had to help me with the fries.  There was so much food, but everything was delicious!

Probably not the healthiest of lunches, but it definitely hit the spot!  I know I am ridiculously blessed right now to be able to have a mid-week lunch with my mom and husband.  As hard as this in-between-time has been, the extra time with my family is a wonderful added bonus.  I know that won't always be the case.

How are your days going?  Is it a Fresh Start Monday or do you have a case of The Mondays?

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