Friday, February 18, 2011

Not For Long!

Oh my gosh!  Look at this current temperature!

It's supposed to get up to 64 degrees today!  Hallelujah!

My parents picked us up this morning and took us to breakfast and then to the AT&T store so I could help my dad pick out a new phone (iPhone 4!).

I started with black coffee (diner coffee is the best!) ...

And ordered a two-egg omelet with sausage and cheese, home fries and toast.

The omelet was delicious!  I love that they only use two eggs in them - some places use three and I can never finish them.

Whole wheat toast.

I hate to eat, post and run, but it is too beautiful outside to be stuck to my computer.  I'm going for a run!


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  1. Did you leave with a phone as well? Haha. They are SO awesome. I know, I'm not helping :-) That breakfast looks so delicious!


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