Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Shred Or Not To Shred


I eluded to the fact that I was a little bit frantic while I was making lunch in my earlier post, but it wasn't just about a missing social security card (which we thankfully found!).  It was about the fact that I am way behind on everyday chores and felt like I was living in a dirty house that was completely unorganized.  It was literally to the point where I just wanted to cry.  Ever get like that?

I knew I had two options.  I could curl up on the couch and cry or I could make a list and go room by room.  I chose the second option and I'm very glad that I did!  I'm not finished yet (I never realized how big this house was until I tried to clean it by myself!) but I feel SO much better.  And my mom is letting me borrow her shredder, so I should make some good progress on my office tomorrow.

Question - how long do I have to keep bank statements?  I have some dating back to high school.  That was a long time ago and seems unnecessary.

Another question - how long do I have to keep utility statements?  Does that number change if I'm not using that utility company anymore?

I did take an cleaning and organizing break to take a walk around the yard with my borrowed macro filters.  Unfortunately I didn't have as much light as I really needed.  This meant that my shutter speed was slower than I wanted and the photos weren't crisp.  Ideally I should have used my tripod, but I can't find the little doo-hickey that connects the camera to the tripod at the moment!

This was my favorite from the bunch I took.  It's a branch of one of our holly berry bushes.  Those little spiky things are SMALLER than toothpicks!  It's amazing what these attachments pick up.

After my walk it was back to cleaning and I completely lost track of time!  All of a sudden it was 6:45, I hadn't eaten dinner and I needed to leave for a meeting at the church.  Oh well.  Dinner at 9:45 isn't as bad as it seems ...

Actually, even though the time was less than ideal, the dinner itself was great!  I used my steamer to prepare mini rigatoni and vegetables at the same time (the steam from the water cooks the pasta and steams the veggies!).  I mixed them together and tossed them in some butter, then topped everything with some walnuts for protein.

The contrasting textures were awesome!

As I was photographing, however, I noticed one thing missing ...

Ahh.  I feel better.

After a long day I decided I deserved two Cake Balls that I made for the dinner at my parents' house on Sunday for dessert.  They hit the spot!

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a little bit more calm.

Night all!


  1. I really don't remember the exact number, but i think you can throw anything older than 7 years. Or maybe it's 10. I forget which! Google it.

    And yes, i do get like that sometimes!

  2. I shred everything that's not current! Most of that stuff can be found all online now anyways. Makes my life easier. I can't stand the clutter.


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