Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Unclassically Classic Reuben

We have more leftovers than we know what to do with around here!  Chili, soup, pork and sauerkraut and I'm pretty sure my parents still have turkey from Christmas!  Eek!

I know I said on New Year's day that I'm only ever in the mood for Pork & Sauerkraut on New Year's, but today I found an exception to that rule.  Apparently I'm also in the mood for it after an hour-long lunchtime trip to Home Depot where Bruce and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what shade of white to paint the upstairs bedrooms.

My eyes still hurt from all the paint samples.

(Side note - who knew there was more than one shade of white?)

I didn't want JUST pork and sauerkraut, however.  I wanted something ... more.  Enter - The Reuben.  Reubens are typically made with Swiss Cheese (and I think the meat is usually Pastrami?) but I don't really like Swiss Cheese so I took my own fun (and simple!) twist on a classic sandwich.  Enjoy!

The Unclassically Classic Reuben

Leftover Pork Roast, Sliced Fairly Thin
1/8 cup Sauerkraut
1/8 cup Shredded Cheese (I used a Mexican Blend)
Dressing Of Your Choice (I used Italian)

Here's what we're starting with.

If your butter is softened, then you can spread it right onto your bread.  I keep mine in the fridge, though, so I just gave my cast iron about 1/2 tablespoon of butter and let it melt across.

When you make something like this it's easier to build your sandwich right on the skillet.  Start with the meat ... 

Then the sauerkraut ... 

Then cheese.

Press your other piece of bread on top, give it a lop of butter so you can soften it and spread it before flipping the sandwich and let everything cook.  When it's a nice golden brown on the bottom, flip it over and let it cook.

Doesn't that look delicious?  The cheese acts as kind of a buffer and actually cuts out some of the sourness of the sauerkraut.

And if you serve the dressing on the side you get a nice warm/cool contrast.  I think it's typically served with Russian dressing, but I think Honey Mustard would be delicious as well!

What are you guys cooking up with your leftovers?  I can't be the only one with tons of them ...


  1. i love making quesadillas with my leftovers :) also..i definitely know what you mean about the paint samples!!

  2. Yes I do know how many different shades of white there are... and trying to find the one to match molding is downright impossible!


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