Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NCIS > Dirty Jobs

It's the first Wear a Dress Tuesday of 2011!

Yes, both my mom and I both still have our Christmas Trees up (this was taken in from of her tree).  We can't help it!

Actually, we both tend to get so busy during Advent that we can't really enjoy the decorations.  But our tree is sooooo dry (theirs is artificial) that - at the risk of it spontaneously combusting - it will probably come down soon.

Today I am wearing a gray Target dress from a few seasons ago, a black cover up, black leggings and black uggs.  It was cold so I kept things simple and a little bit dark.  My earrings have some fun color to them, thought.  Hard to tell from the photo.

Stay tuned for tomorrow morning - I am guest posting over at Leslie's blog (still SO excited about her engagement!) about Wear a Dress Tuesday!  I'll post a link as soon as it goes live. 


We came over to my parent's house to watch NCIS with my mom, but realized at 7:30 that there isn't a new one tonight!  Sadness.

However ... My mom taught me how to make Chicken Paprikash!  Chicken Paprikash is a Hungarish comfort food.  It is chicken and egg noodles served with a gravy that is made from chicken stock (that has been sauteed with green peppers and onions) and sour cream.

My plate!  The sour cream gives the gravy a sweetness to it.  It is so delicious! 

All mixed up.

I'll post the recipe tomorrow morning!

Since NCIS was a no-show, we are watching Mike Rowe pollinate Date Palm Trees on Dirty Jobs.  It's fascinating, but it's not NCIS!  Was anyone else bummed about the change in programming?


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