Sunday, January 30, 2011

Suped Up Soups


As I continue on my quest to rid my body of this cold, Bruce told me that I should see what kind of soup we had in our pantry for dinner.

I much obliged! 

I actually really like canned soups because they let me try different flavors of soup and give me ideas when I'm cooking my own.  But I do like to doctor them up a bit!

One things I've noticed about canned soups:  They almost NEVER need more salt.  So I tend to first add pepper for spice.  Then, because this soup had a tomato base, I added basil.  Then for some reason pulled out the rosemary.  I don't think I've EVER cooked with rosemary!  Maybe I thought the sweetness would remind me of warmer days?  I liked it.

I also cooked about a handful of mini rigatoni al dente and stirred them into the soup as it was heating up.  This addition made the soup heartier and gave me two servings out of the can of soup, instead of just one!

All served with a side of bread and butter.

So despite the fact that I have an office with a huge desk, a kitchen with long counter tops and stools, a dining room with an empty table and a living room and basement, both with a couches and over-sized chairs, I am currently blogging from the floor of Bruce's outdoor room!  What can I say?  I kind of love the guy who spends most of his time in it. :) I looked at the calendar the other day and realized the tomorrow is the four year anniversary of when we started dating!  Only four years?  It seems like forever ... (although the time has flown!)

About a week and a half after we started dating, I turned 22 years old - Bruce took me out to dinner and we took this photo before we left.  We look so young!



  1. i have never been a canned soup person until now. I'm really liking progresso! i like the chicken cheese enchilada, the slow cooked beef & vegetables & the chicken & wild rice. I haven't seen the Vegetarian Vegetable one yet! YUM! & way to go doctoring it up! :)

    Hope you feel 100% soon!

  2. I like to "supe up" my canned soup, too. I like the idea of adding rigatoni (yum!).
    Congratulations on your 4-year dating anniversary. That kind of news just makes my heart swell.


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