Monday, January 31, 2011

Baked Oatmeal

Boy oh boy ...

Do I have a fun recipe for you!  Breakfast was yummy this morning.

This recipe was graciously gifted to me by Bruce's Aunt Jean last time we were in Pennsylvania visiting his family.  She even let me walk out of her house with it after I knocked an entire glass of red wine all over her white (!) upholstered dining room chairs.

Ugh, not one of my finer moments in life.

Hungarians.  We talk with our hands.  It's dangerous.

Let's get cooking, shall we?!

Baked Oatmeal
(adapted a wee bit from B's Aunt Jean)

3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/5 cup (5 tbsp) Butter, melted
2 Eggs
2 1/4 cups Oatmeal
1 cup Walnuts, chopped 
(Note - the original recipe didn't call for walnuts.  If you have nut allergies or don't really like the texture, leave 'em out!  It tastes just as good without them.)
1 tbsp Baking Powder
3/4 cup Milk
1 tsp Vanilla

Start by combining your brown sugar, melted butter and eggs.

Butter PSA - When melting butter in the microwave, don't melt it all the way.  Pull it out when it's almost melted and then whisk with a fork to melt the rest.  Otherwise, there is a chance you be cleaning exploded butter out of your microwave.

And when I say, there is a chance, I mean ... I did.


Stir until combined.

Then add your oatmeal.

And your baking powder.

Pour in your milk and vanilla.

Chop up your walnuts ...

Add them last!

Pour the mixture into a greased baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes, or until the top is a nice, golden brown.

Like so!

The butter makes this so moist that it just falls apart and then melts in your mouth.

Hungry yet?

The great thing about the recipe is that it is easily adaptable.  You could substitute fruit for the walnuts, leave them out all together, or top the whole thing with whipped cream and fresh fruit, Alaskan Waffle style.  Cover the dish with foil and store it in the fridge to keep it fresh for a couple of days and warm it up for future breakfasts.

And most importantly?  Enjoy.

Have a great day!


  1. Your honesty in these recipes is fantastic! And I love your new trend of PSA's...they are topic specific tangents...Hungarians talk with their hands! Ha!!! Love it. Miss you.

  2. Love this! I had a recipe for baked oatmeal, but it made enough to feed like 5000 people, so I didn't know when I would ever actually make it. This I think I will actually make! :)

  3. Oh yum! This looks great. I have to try it out!

  4. Oooh baked oatmeal!! Never heard of this but it looks sooooo crunchy and good! Amazing!

  5. Mine is in the oven now! I added almonds and blueberries... Can't wait to eat it!

  6. Good luck everyone! Jodi - let me know how it turned out with almonds and blueberries! That sounds delicious. :)

  7. This looks delicious! Any idea if the leftovers handle freezing?

  8. Hey Stevie! I haven't tried it myself, but I would assume that freezing this would be similar to freezing bread. Try wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap and then maybe put it in an airtight bag. Let me know how it works! xo Sarah


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