Friday, January 28, 2011

A Post In Which I Compare My Ears To A Water Bottle

Morning! Afternoon!

I landed at JFK a little bit after 10 last night and Bruce and I rolled into the driveway around 12:30.  I'm pretty sure I didn't get to sleep until after 2 and woke up a few times from a deep sleep because of this nagging cough that I can't shake!  I thought I was getting better, but I think this had something to do with it ...

This is an empty water bottle.  I bought this bottle of water at the airport yesterday and finished it on the plane.  As we were starting to descend, my ears started to THROB.  I usually experience a little bit of popping, but never like this.  I looked over at my water bottle and this is what I saw ...

Here's a lovely visual.  If the change in pressure did this to a plastic bottle - imagine what it was doing to my ears.  I actually couldn't hear out of my left ear for awhile and when it finally popped on the ride home, it was extremely painful!  Weird.  I've never had that happen!

Maybe it had something to do with this?  The storm that blanketed the northeast with snow caused a really strong headwind and we were flying at speeds over 600 mph last night!  The flight attendant I was talking to said we usually only hit 400.  Maybe the storm front caused weird pressure?

By the way - I love Jet Blue's cable in flight entertainment!  I watched the USA NCIS marathon and then caught the all new Royal Pains!  Well - all but the last five minutes because we were landing and lost the satellite!  What happened?!

And now - onto my morning ...

The coughing-up-a-lung thing that I've got going for me right now called for some more tea this morning.  I've been drinking Equal Exchange Organic Rooibos (here's a list of all of their teas), which is amazing.  I've talked about their coffees before, but I don't think I've ever mentioned the tea.  Everything is Fair Trade!

Honey to sooth my throat.

Whole wheat bagel with butter.  Unfortunately, I can't really taste much so I really just wanted some filling.

I think I am going to lay low and try to knock this sinus-y-head-thing out of me once and for all today.

Can someone verify that 612 mph is in fact an extremely fast speed to fly at?  Or am I just nuts?


  1. No idea about the flying speed! HAHA! But i hope you feel better soon! So sorry about that ear thing, yikes!

  2. 612 mph? Seriously? THAT is why I prefer to stay on the ground and not set foot on an airplane :P

    Feel better soon!

  3. I think 612 mph is normal? I'm not sure cause I fly so much, I've stopped paying attention whenever they announce the speed and what not. Anyway, that's insane about the wayer bottle. I've had that happen to some extent, but never like that!

  4. Royal Pains - you can watch it on It's legal, not pirated, and they have tons of shows and movies. I just watched the Royal Pains from this week earlier tonight.

    I've never commented before, but I really enjoy your blog and LOVE the pictures. My cousin is Laura from Life Happens and Girl Talk and I found you through one of your guest posts. (I think.)

  5. Just catching up (backwards) on all the posts, and so IDK yet where you were coming back from, but hope it was a good trip. BTW, LOVE your shoes on the plane! Also, Royal Pains!!! : ) Can't wait to catch up on THAT, as well.

  6. I love flying JetBlue! Mainly for the fact they have live tv, plus I love their snack selections


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