Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicken Fried Chicken

Update ... My flight was delayed but I am happily parked at an airport with free wifi, Benedict (St. Benedict, that is) and cough drops.  Life is good.

Now ... Can we talk about Southern Food?

Yes, capital S, capital F (if you've eaten in the south, you know what I mean).

Southerners fry everything.  And they serve gravy with everything.  I'm sure those two sentences alone would put Jillian Michaels into catatonic state, but oh myyyy.  Fried food with gravy?  I'm pretty sure the only way you can make that better is by adding cheese.

Anyway, Bruce and I have failed at every attempt to make gravy so far in our marriage so every time I see Chicken Fried Chicken on a restaurant menu, I order it (I had some at my celebration dinner after I passed my Ecclesiastical Council in December!).  Last night I was out to eat and it was on the menu.  20 minutes later it was on my plate.  It was divine.

(Side note - I order Chicken Fried Chicken and not Chicken Fried Steak because I'm not allowed to order steak at restaurants.  I always order it well-done and Bruce says that's an insult to chefs.)

(Not my photo, peeps - I was a bad food blogger and didn't have my camera at the restaurant (slapping my hand as I speak type.)  Source.

Now I'm determined.  I've got the fried chicken thing down (see my go-to recipe here).  All that's left is the gravy.  I can figure that out, right?

I found a pretty simple-looking recipe here and I think I am going to use that as my guide.  I can figure out gravy, right?




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  1. Gravy is super hard! I live in Arkansas, and I can't even do it. :) Here's hoping you have better luck than me!


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