Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living On A Static Mine

It's snowing again.


I feel better.

It's also Wear a Dress Tuesday!  I'm starting to exhaust my cold-weather dress and skirt options, but I don't care.  Everyone should give themselves permission to feel special - especially when it's dark, cold and snowing!

How about some oatmeal and tea for breakfast?

Brown Sugar & Walnut Oatmeal, topped with some granola.  Comfort food.



I'm fighting some allergies today so I thought some dark tea with honey would hit the spot better than coffee.  It definitely did.  I'm thinking I may have another cup later today ...

I think it's the drydry air that's causing my face to feel foggy and heavy.  I feel like everything I touch is a these days is a static mine (poor Lilly ends up with crazy professor fur if I pet her).  Yesterday I measured my water intake and I drank about 80 ounces of water throughout the day!  We are running a humidifier in our room, which helps a little, but it is impossible to run one in every room in the house.  Any suggestions?


  1. This is the winter that never ends. Seriously. Aren't you just thrilled to know that there's another storm headed up the coast for the next couple days? :P

  2. 1. I had tea with honey in it this morning because I was coughing so hard...
    2. I had oatmeal w/brown sugar in it this morning...
    3. Even though it's cold out, i'm in boots, a skirt, and green scarf from Ecuador. Definitely feel happier today:)

  3. Snowing again? It's already getting into the 60s here! I'll send some of it your way if you'd like?


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