Monday, January 24, 2011

Flowers - Food - Fabulous

Need another flower to remind you of spring?

I took this at the Atlanta Botanical Garden last July when Kari and I convinced our friends Megan and Marvin to play Atlanta tourists.  So pretty!  I wish I had stuck around long enough to see it in the spring.

But back in my neck of the woods ...

I was heating up leftover spaghetti and meatballs for lunch.  Just as delicious as last night, Maura!

All of the carbs are making me want to RUN!  It is not so much the cold that is keeping me off of the roads right now.  It's more the fact that the 40 inches of snow has made the roads narrow and most of them have thick layers of ice on them.  Bah!

I think I may lock myself in the yoga room and do some pilates tonight.  Although, there is a beautiful fire roaring in the family room right now that is keeping me on the first floor. :)

For some reason my parents had several pounds of frozen ham in their freezer, so they gave us one of their containers.  I heated some up tonight for dinner.  I put them in the toaster oven, drizzled a little bit of olive oil over the top and then sprinkled with some sea salt & peppa.  350 degrees for about 25 minutes!

I attempted to make homemade biscuits, but the recipe called for self-rising flour, which I did not have.  So I attempted to make homemade self-rising flour.  It's safe to say my biscuit making is a work in progress.

I also served up some baked beans (from Maura - thank you!) and steamed green beans. 

Simple, yet delicious.


My second article went live on Suite101 today!  Check it out here.  I posted one of my favorite soup recipes, but included a section on different substitution options and soup tips.  Let me know what you think!

Night all!


(Check out my first Suite101 article here - The Top 12 Kitchen Appliances)


  1. Your soup recipe looks delicious, and I am loving the flower photos! : )

  2. For some reason that pasta looks extra delicious! Also, I know you're jealous of my warm weather but I secretly miss the snow that I'm used to in Montana!

  3. The flower is so pretty, it made my day. I am waiting for spring.


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