Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Did The Day Go?

I'm just checking in to say that I am a very happy girl because MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!

It's been a busy day and I said a lot of goodbyes, but I am at peace with our decision and am ready to get on the road!  Bruce made it safely to CT this afternoon (thank you for all the prayers!) and I can't wait to join him later in the week.

Tomorrow we are going to finish cleaning the apartment, run some errands and then have some fun in Atlanta one last time!  We are also going to be disconnecting the internet and returning the router and such to Comcast tomorrow at some point so I will be checked out on here for a day or two while we travel and I figure out how to set up a DSL.  Feel free to click over to my twitter page for updates if you're curious about what and how we're doing.  I can send tweets from my phone so I'm sure the stream will be entertaining on drive with the cat.  You don't have to actually have twitter to look at my tweets, you can just click over from time to time.



  1. Enjoy the day in Atlanta, and safe travels on your drive northward!

  2. You are on Girl Talk today!

  3. Enjoy the day and safe travels! I hope you'll be in CT through Christmas so we can catch up?? Miss you!


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