Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Alone

Wow!  I really thought that today was going to draaaaaaag on and on because I was by myself, but I really kept myself busy.  I met a friend for coffee around 3 and two hours later (you know chatty how girls get) it was practically dark out!

I decided to make a little detour to the Big Peach Running Co., our local Atlanta running store, on my way home.  When Bruce and I were at the expo for the half marathon, we were looking at the 13.1 paraphernalia.  There was a mug that I really wanted, but I decided to hold off.  Bruce wanted me to get it, but I thought I needed to FINISH a half marathon before I could get something with 13.1 on it.  I knew it was a long-shot, but I thought I would see if the Big Peach had anything like that.  They didn't, but I did decide to get a sticker. :)


I couldn't resist ...

My mom comes into town tomorrow, so this is my last night alone in the apartment.  I thought nothing screamed "home alone" like ordering take out!

Top Spice was never one of Bruce's favorite places to eat, so when he was out of town, I would always order from here.  I figured it was the perfect place to eat tonight.

I called my dad on the way there and when I told him I was picking up take out, he laughed and told me to enjoy it while I have it in close proximity to where I live (yeah, we are going to live in the middle of nowhere).

I ordered Chicken Fried Rice and Thai Spring Rolls.

Someone tell me how to make spring rolls!  It can't be that difficult ... right?

I love thai fried rice, because it's a little bit sweeter than chinese fried rice.  The trick?  Sugar!  How bizarre.  My wok from CSN was shipped last week (I had it shipped to my parent's house so it wouldn't get lost in transition) and I can't wait to try my hand at fried rice again.

Alright, I have one final errand to run and then Lilly and I are going to cuddle up for the night.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY MOM TO COME TOMORROW!!!!!

Yes, I am 25 years old.  Why do you ask?


  1. Oh man... I would give just about anything to have a night alone in my house. :)

  2. Love the bumper stickers!! :)

    My old coworker (who is asian) used to make the best spring rolls! so sad i do not have the recipe for you (or a way to get in touch with her!).

    You will LOVE your wok! I absolutely love mine!

  3. Peyton knows how to make spring rolls! We made them at his house once, and they were delish.

  4. What's the difference between egg rolls and spring rolls? I think I have a recipe (that I have tested out) egg rolls somewhere in my kitchen:-).

  5. Love the sticker! I have a I <3 26.2 sticker from Big Peach! I'm like a kid in a candy store at that place.


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