Friday, December 10, 2010

Unpacking Progress & Mini Tour

Gooooooooood Morning!

Between the fact that I'm currently washing our couch covers with bleach and the guys are here pumping our septic, my nose is dealing with all sorts of strange senses.  Oy.

Luckily breakfast happened before all of the smells started wafting around this morning.

Coffee and leftover pancakes!

I've discovered that the perfect way to reheat pancakes is to put them in the toaster oven on 250 degrees for abut 10 minutes, throw on your toppings and then heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Perfection!

Bruce had cereal and wanted me to get an action shot of the milk pouring.  I think he's catching on to this food blogging thing!

So ...

Wanna see some house pictures?

The house definitely needs some work.  One of the agreements Bruce and I and my parents made when we decided to move up here was that we would take on some projects so the house would be ready to be sold eventually.  But we want to live in the space a little bit before we start taking on projects so we can at least feel settled.

That's my long way of saying - ignore the horrific 80's wallpaper.

Let's start in the kitchen!

We probably have as much counter space in the house as we did in the apartment, but we have so much more cabinet space, so we are able to keep the counters clear (which I LOVE).  We're not really sure what we're going to do with the eat-in space yet (we have a dining room and a breakfast nook - three tables seems like overkill, right?).

All of our beautiful dishes!  We had been storing at least half of them at my parents house over the past two years - it's nice to have them all together again!

Look at the size of the fridge.  In-freaking-credible.

Pull out freezer.  My mom and I are heading to Costco today, so hopefully that will be full later.

We have a pantry again!!!!!

The family room with our new couches!  We bought them from the same friend we got the bed from.

Looking in from the breakfast nook.

I keep calling these my "grown up couches".

Fireplace!  I love the high ceilings in this room.

That's about it for right now - the rest of the house is a disaster. :) But I hope you like what we've done so far!

I'm off to run some errands - have a great day!


  1. Your house looks beautiful! I love the fireplace and huge fridge (very envious). I have been thinking of you all week with this move - happy to see it was a success!

  2. i love it!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    jealous of the pantry. :) And the couches. And the fridge. AND THE CABINET SPACE! :)

    so excited for y'all!

    p.s. we have the same red bowls!!

  3. What a beautiful home! I agree - the high ceilings are so pretty! :)


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