Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bedding Indecision

Woweeee it's cold up here!  It's currently 18 degrees!  Brr.

Today absolutely flew by for me today.  I spent the early afternoon with some of the clergy in the association that is going to ordain me.  My Ecclesiastical Council (where I will present and defend my ordination papers) is this Sunday at 3:00, so we just wanted to visit and get some of the logistics sorted out.  Apparently there is some snow in the forecast, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it holds off!

On my way home this afternoon I had to eat some words that I spoke over and over again when we were still in Atlanta.  "I can't wait until we live in Connecticut and rush hour traffic means you might get stuck behind a school bus."

That's not funny.

Lunch was a salad made out of an american salad mix (that I think Millie brought over with the stew the other night? - otherwise it just magically appeared in my fridge) and the lunch meat and cheese that my mom and I had in the cooler during the drive.  Chef Salad a la Sarah.

Triscuits on the side.  Drizzled with ranch dressing.

The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing Goodwill for a "this-has-potential" table (nothing struck our fancy yet) and Walmart for some house essentials that didn't make the move.  So far the kitchen is almost done (sans a table, haha), as is the laundry room and family room.  We're hoping to get our bedroom and possibly my office finished this weekend.

For now we're having a UCONN Women's Basketball party at my parent's house.  We are officially out of SEC football country and back into the land of college basketball!  My dad put a roast in the crock pot this morning, but for some reason it didn't cook through?  Something may be wrong with the cord or motor - I thought I was the only one who ruined things in the crock pot, ha!

We ordered pizza instead.  Bruce said this is probably better basketball food anyway. :)

Unrelated question - When Bruce and I moved to Georgia, some friends of ours gave us a queen sized bed with a wrought iron headboard and footboard.  It is so beautiful and classy and I love it.  The only problem is that the footboard gets in the way when I go to make the bed.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  A friend of mine was moving and offered us his queen sized bed - a place for guests to sleep and we wouldn't need to buy different sized sheets?  We gladly accepted.

When Bruce and his parents got to the house this past weekend, they set up the wrought iron bed in the master bedroom and the other bed in the guest bedroom.  The other bed doesn't have a headboard or footboard, but it has a huge mattress that makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.

So now here are our bed options:
1. Swap out mattresses so we have the wrought iron bed and the fluffier mattresses in the master bedroom (best of both beds scenario).
2. Leave things the way they are - give the guests the nice mattress!
3. Swap out both bed frames and mattresses.  If I did this, I wouldn't have to fight the footboard to make my bed every day and I could even attempt to DIY a headboard like Young House Love on the new bed.


I'll post more house progress pics in the morning when I have some natural light.  Goodnight!


  1. I vote for DIY but I like this option also--go vintage/antiquing for a fun, old, unique thing you can make your own.

  2. I'd say leave the bed situation as it is right now and then switch out the mattresses later but only if the guests are coming soon. That way it's half and half but you can have the best of both beds once company leaves. But if it's a permanent switch..then yeah, the DIY option would be nice and you could have the nice mattress. Whether you do a DIY in the guest room or your room. :P I can see the dilemma, even I;m getting mixed up! haha

  3. I like to keep life simple and comfortable so I say take the bed that is easy to make AND the comfiest mattress. :)


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