Friday, December 10, 2010

The Moving Wall

I've officially hit the moving wall.

My mom and sister and I were running errands this afternoon and all of a sudden I just felt BLAH.  I can't describe it any better than that.  My sister wasn't feeling that well either, so she and I cut out early and I came home and absolutely crashed for three hours.  I normally never take naps (long training run days excluded from this rule of course!) but my body had just about had it today.  My parents actually invited us over for dinner tonight and I totally bailed.  I feel bad, but I know that I've been going nonstop for about two weeks getting ready for the move, moving and unpacking and today I just needed to stop.

I'm reminded of Anne Lamott's  words in Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith - “Good therapy helps.  Good friends help.  Pretending we are doing better than we are doesn’t.  Shame doesn’t.  Being heard does.”

So here is me being heard - I'm tired.  I have worked very hard over the past couple of months without a break.  I am going to go to sleep early tonight, spend tomorrow decorating, baking and getting ready for my Ecclesiastical Council, pray my way through Sunday and take Monday off.

But enough about me - what do you think about my new header?  This blog of mine has taken a massive detour over into the land of food blogging and I wanted a header to match the change.  I promise once I start to get my head screwed back on straight I will actually start cooking and sharing recipes again.  It has always been one of my favorite parts of blogging!

Guess what?

It's snowing!  But I have a question - how in the world do you take a photo of the snow at night?  Bruce watched me fiddle with settings for about 20 minutes before he finally suggested throwing it on auto and letting the flash do the work.

Dinner was more leftover stew.  I am so grateful to have this in my fridge right now.  It's so delicious, healthy and I don't have to cook!

Yes, I stood outside in the snow to take a picture of my dinner.  Bruce mocked me.  But I haven't had a real winter in three years!  I'm excited.

I doubt it will accumulate, but it's still pretty magical to spend a quiet Friday night with my husband in front of a roaring fire watching the snow fall ...

Yes, magical.

Have a great night!


  1. I don't miss the snow. Sorry, but a week at Christmas is MORE than enough. Last year when I was home in October it snowed as well! Yuck.

  2. Your header looks fantastic! It looks very "you."
    I'm glad to hear you're paying attention to your needs and getting some rest. Seems pretty wise to me!

  3. i love the header! It looks great! :)

    YAY, snow!

    Glad you got you a good long nap!! Moving is exhausting & i say that having moved in the same city!!! HAHA.

    & that soup looks amazing!

  4. Pictures of snow at night? Not sure there would be a good way other than to use your flash or get in a really well lit area. I say try it toward the middle of the golden hour.

    Doesn't your food just get cold when you take pics outside? :)

    I'm off to take the kids out to play in the snow. It's 41 degrees and we still have a bit left. It's going to rain tonight and turn in to a "wintery mix" tomorrow. Oh fun. ha.


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