Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sick Day

Look what Bruce did today!

My parents have really nice built-in shelves in the basement of this house and they are perfect to display Bruce's glass collection.  Those mirrors were from our wedding and I think the extra Christmas decorations are such a nice touch!

Unfortunately I was in bed while all of this decorating was going on.  Last night as we were driving home I started to feel awful sinus pressure, but I thought it was just because we were going up and over a mountain.  Who knows what happened, but I woke up feeling completely run over and spent the day going back and forth between sleeping and watching NCIS reruns.  Bruce picked up some hardcore sinus medicine on his way home from church and that helped a ton, but I had to miss my dad's holiday concert :( which bummed me out a lot.

Breakfast in bed.  I tried to drink a lot of water today because our house is SOOOOOO dry right now.  My parents let us borrow a humidifier, but it's obviously not going to work for the entire house.  I forgot about these harsh dry winters!

No coffee this morning :( I just don't have a taste for it when I'm sick.  I stuck with Earl Grey Tea with honey.

I slept through lunch and was hungry when my parents texted us and asked if we wanted to meet them at the diner down the street for dinner.  I wasn't up for sitting upright for that long a period of time, but Bruce offered to go and bring me something back.

For some reason I was in the mood for Chicken Parmesan, but Bruce also ordered me some Chicken Noodle Soup.

Wowee that's a lot of food!

I ate all of the soup, which totally put me in the mood to make a big batch of homemade chicken noodle myself.

I cut the chicken parm in half and served up about half the fries, too.

The best part?  LEFTOVERS!  Yumm - can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

Okay, three more things and then I'm done.

1. I'll probably post my dad's rice recipe later tonight.  If you have a hard time keeping up with the recipes that I post, don't worry about it - I archive all of them on my recipe page.

2. My aunt emailed me the recipe to her Strawberry Pretzels AND her Fudge Cream Cheese Brownies.  I can't wait to put on my apron and get baking!

3. You all know my favorite Second Lieutenant, Gilbert.  I am so ridiculously excited to report that he and his beautiful girlfriend Justine are ENGAGED!  I am so happy for them!!!!!  I have been waiting on pins and needles for the announcement and got the text as we were driving home from PA last night.  I screamed so loudly that my mom thought I saw a deer and almost drove off the road, ha!  Congratulations you two!  I wish you were closer and we all go out to celebrate.

I've rambled on long enough - night all!

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  1. Tis the season to get engaged!! This is the fourth couple I've heard about in as many days :)


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