Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas With The Kecks

Merry Christmas from the Keck Family!

What a fun, whirlwind day!

My parents and sister picked us up around 9:30 and we headed towards Pennsylvania.  My grandparents, aunt, cousin and her husband live in the northeast part of the state and it's kind of a centralized location for the rest of the family to meet.

Breakfast on the go!  Coffee Cake Muffins are the bomb diggity.

Now, after this I was kind of a bad food blogger.  I was way too distracted oohing and ahhing over my cousin's renovated bathroom, playing with another cousin's kids and chatting with everyone that I completely forgot to grab my camera.  Well, except to take pictures of these cuties ...

Man, those two have some serious energy!  I feel so old trying to keep up with them.

So ridiculously adorable.

Hmm, where was I?  Oh, right!  Bad food blogger.  I'm smacking my hand as I speak - er - type.  I did, however, manage to snap a photo of the dish that I think stole the show tonight ...

My aunt's pretzel salad!  I went back for seconds, licked my plate clean and then fluttered my eye lashes until my aunt offered to email me the recipe.  I can't wait to try it out!

Oh - and this may interest some moms out there.  My aunt told me about this Play Doh Cookie Dough that she bought for my cousin's kids.  She said the dough looks and feels exactly like Play Doh, but it's cookie dough and you can make it!

These were Selena and Michael's cookies.  What a fun project!

As long as the kids know you can't actually eat play doh.

Because that would be bad.

Well, after six hours in the car for a five hour party, I'm exhausted.  Time for this girl to crawl into bed.  Maybe one more picture before I hit publish?

Be still my heart.


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  1. that last pic!!

    how cool about the playdoh! :)


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