Saturday, December 4, 2010

Empty House


First of all - a big THANK YOU to everyone who has checked in on me today.  Bruce and his dad left around 4:30 this morning and I was honestly too tired to get too upset.  I choked up a little when Bruce and I were walking through the empty apartment as he walked out for the last time, but I crawled back into my sleeping bag, called for Lilly (who pranced right into the sleeping bag with me) and fell into a deep sleep until it was time to get up.

A final trip to the airport with Marissa before I left!  I couldn't think of a more perfect way to say goodbye to her.

After I took our annual picture, Marissa asked one of the Airtran employees if he could take one of the two of us.  He said he couldn't see well, but he would try!  We (including the guy and one of his coworkers) were cracking up as he tried to figure out how to use my dSLR.  He kept saying, "What button do I push?!"  Finally his coworker took the camera and got the picture.  They were so sweet!

Look what I made when I got home!

When Bruce was finishing up the kitchen, he left out a small saucepan and the french press so I could still make oatmeal and french press coffee!  So sweet.  I cooked the oatmeal with some brown sugar.

He wrapped and took all the glass mugs, so I'll be rocking the travel mugs from here on out.

Side note - I go through travel mugs as quickly as I go through cell phones (they tend to break quickly) but this one from Starbucks has lasted almost two years.  It has a top that completely closes, so I could even take it on the scooter and not have to worry about it spilling.


Now here's something sad ...

Shooting on an empty balcony this morning!  How weird.

I spent a better part of the morning figuring out how much money I owed our apartment complex and then going to the bank to get checks cut (yeah, guess who packed her checkbook?).  When I finished up I was in the mood for a RUN!  I haven't run since the half marathon, so I didn't have great expectations.  I ended up running 1.0 mile in less than 10 minutes and then walking 2.0 miles in a little over 30:00 minutes.  I talked to Bruce after the run and he told me that if I had gotten a better night's rest and had some good energy food I probably could have had a solid 3 mile run.  But I was happy with it!  It just felt good to be running.

Lunch was PB&J with my LAST SCOOP OF PEANUT BUTTER.  Oh my.  What do I do?

I'm still a little hungry, but I'm meeting a friend at Starbucks at 3 and I'm kind of saving my appetite for one of their yummy pastries!

Now Lilly and I are hanging out, watching E! True Hollywood Story and thinking about what we want to clean first. I may start with something easy, like the fireplace, ha.

Have a great day!

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  1. Craig and I BOTH have that Starbucks coffee mug! I love this post. When you say goodbye inevitably you get to say hello soon. :)


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