Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Countdown to 2011: Vegetarian Options

Good Morning!

Something has been tracking through our yard!  I thought deer, Bruce thinks it is several different animals, including deer, turkey, dog, cat and possibly mouse.  Thoughts?

Breakfast was a three-egg tomato and cheese omelet.  So delicious!  I've recently discovered that if you cook omelets on lower heat, they cook slower, but much more evenly and turn out looking nicer!

Are you enjoying the countdown to 2011, food blog style?  I'm loving it!  Today Finding Joy in My Kitchen is featuring some of their favorite meatless meals.  While I've been cooking without meat a lot lately, most of the recipes haven't ended up on the blog.  But here are some of my favorites!

Summertime Rice and Beans

This was one of those meals that cost $4 to make and fed me all week.  I was working in the hospital when I made it, so I separated everything into tupperware and brought it for lunch.  It was also fabulous with some melted cheese in a wrap as a vegetarian burrito.  Cilantro would be a delicious garnish.  So many options!

Creamy Cream of Mushroom and Veggies

This dish is actually more suitable for winter.  It's so hearty, yet so simple!

Simply Fancy Spaghetti

I am a sucker for a good Italian dish and this hit the spot!  Full of flavor and no meat.

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes us with.  I've found that cooking without meat can actually be much more inexpensive - and often faster - than cooking with meat.  Head over to this post to check out the other vegetarian options that people have linked up with.

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  1. Those look delicious! I'm loving the creamy cream of mushroom and veggies. Thanks for counting down with me!

  2. THe creamy mushrooms and gravy looks delicious. My hubby is vegetarian and I make something similar for him as well and he really likes it :-)

  3. Simply Fancy Spaghetti is looking very delicious and yummylicious also, would like to try this very soon:), thanks!

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