Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pancakes In The Morning

Good Morning!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to wake up in my own bed and have options other than gas station food for breakfast.

This was part of yesterday's project.  In Atlanta, we bought (okay, okay my parents bought as a gift to us) this microwave cart and breakfast buffet because needed more counter and cabinet space.  Here we have plenty of that, so we decided to extend our kitchen into the family room and create a little breakfast nook!  All we need is a table and it will be finished.

I put Big Red III (my mixer) to work this morning.  She was much happier to whisk, stir and fold without roaches.

What was I making, you ask?

Pancakes!  I haven't made pancakes in so long.  My old electric griddle had an unfortunate encounter with the roaches, so we threw it away before the move, ordered a new one from CSN and had it shipped here.  I love it!

Mmm.  I didn't have an Bisquick on hand, but I found this recipe online and it was awesome!  Bruce thought it would be tastier with a splash of vanilla (I agree), but it is wonderful as is.  I would definitely recommend it.

Photos courtesy of our breakfast nook.  Look at all the morning sun!

I've been dreaming about pancakes since I had to throw away my other griddle.

Well worth the wait.

Alright, I'm off!  We have some stuff to pick up at my parents' house that we had been storing there and we need to make a one-stop-shopping trip to get things like garbage cans that didn't make the move.

Have a great day everyone!  It feels great to be reconnected with you all!


  1. Those pancakes look AMAZING! & i LOOOOVE your breakfast nook! :) :)

  2. Hey Sarah! I'm glad you and Bruce made it safely to the Nutmeg State! I love the Breakfast Nook! We miss you both.

  3. I want to move. Reading all your posts didn't help haha. Glad things went well.

  4. Looks like you are settling in well to your normal routine of mouth watering breakfasts!!! lol Glad yall made it up there ok!


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