Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wear A Dress Tuesday At The Expo!

Guess where my pointy boots took me today?

The Atlanta Half Marathon Health and Fitness Expo!  No full body shot today, but I am wearing a Target dress, cream-colored turtleneck from Kohls and my knee high black boots.  Silver clustered earrings, but no bracelet or necklace because I packed them already!

This is going to sound incredibly vain, but I am in the middle of the Great Bang Debate of 2010.  I have them pinned back here because they are in that annoying in-between stage.  Should I cut them back or let them grow?  I think I'm indifferent at this point, so I wouldn't object to taking a poll on my blog!

Let's get back to the expo ...

It was held at the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead.

I love Buckhead.  Being there always makes me think I'm a little bit fancier than I actually am.

I wish I could have gone to the 4:30 p.m. "Inspirational - Getting Through the Run" seminar.  It would have been interesting to hear different people's approaches.

Side note - I just re-read that and realized I typed "seminary" not "seminar".  I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

This way!

The number pick up was really well organized, so we had plenty of time to meander through the expo.

It was smaller than the expo at Bruce's half last March, but there was still plenty to look at.

Bondi Band!  I know these work really well, but I think wrap around headbands look terrible on me.  I did buy something else, though ...

A Spibelt!  Weird story - on my long runs, I would wear a reflector belt of Bruce's to carry my phone and keys.  I HATED it.  It wouldn't sit on my hips (it would bounce up and down) so I would have to wear it cinched at my waist and it made me so uncomfortable.  I really wanted to run with my phone or point and shoot Thursday (come on, capture moments!), but I couldn't bear the thought of wearing that belt.

Fast forward to this morning.  I was reading Caitlin's blog about her favorite things and she linked to a Spibelt, saying that she carried her point and shoot and three packs of Gu during her last marathon and couldn't feel them at all.  I commented, saying that I wished I had time to order one and she suggested checking out a local running store OR looking at the expo.  When I was wandering around the expo, I turned a corner and came across a Spibelt booth!  The saleswoman said to me, "Have you ever heard of spibelt?"  I laughed and said, "Funny story ..."  I bought the basic model, but spent $2 extra and got the waterproof one.

The rest of my swag!  Bruce is jealous that the shirt is long sleeved. :)

By the way - check out what color corral I'm starting out of - PINK!

Dinner was a huge batch of homemade Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese!

I'm enjoying carb loading.  I may run another one of these just so I get to carb load again.

Served on a bed of romaine and diced tomatoes!

Delicious.  I'm still working the consistency of the cheese sauce in this recipe, but as soon as I do I will post it!

Alright, I'm off to read in bed.  I started a book last night that Gilbert gave me about a Navy Chaplain who served in the first Marine Battalion to enter Iraq.  It is intense and I cannot put it down!  The work that military chaplains do continues to inspire me.

Goodnight all!  Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!


  1. That is so funny, I'm totally going through the same debate right now! But I actually just got my hair cut this morning and I decided to grown them out. I just feel like they are so high maintenance sometimes! But....bangs are super fun and it's a total pain to grow them out. Good luck with your decision! :) And good luck with your race!

  2. I can't wear bangs because I have no forehead....so I think I'm biased against them.

    Isn't that Ashley from healthyashley.com in the bondi band picture? Or does everyone who runs look like her?

    Grins! Good luck on the race!


  3. I've gone from bangs to no bangs and back and forth lots of times. I say no bangs. Always easier... especially with running... I would always sweat and then they stick to my forehead. Ugh.

    Amazing that you are running a half marathon! That's exciting. It's something I will never do haha.

  4. I agree! The expo was fun and so well organized!

    I'm also running the half marathon tomorrow - it's my first one, so I'm pretty nervous but also excited!

    Good luck!!

  5. Good luck on your race! You'll do great :)

    P.S. That mac and cheese looks killer - one of my faves!


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