Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CVS Savings

Good Morning and HAPPY WEAR A DRESS TUESDAY!  WADT and a short week?  Perfect.

Look what was on sale at CVS last night!

Mmm, my coffee was STRONG this morning.

Still carb loading!  Bruce suggested I carb load yesterday and today and then make sure I eat well and balanced tomorrow so I'm not too full and dragged down on Thursday morning.

Mmm, I like carbs.

MY RACE IS IN TWO DAYS!!!!!  Holy crap.  Who would have thought when I threw the idea out there back in July that I would actually be running this race?  Wow.

Okay, so back to my coffee.  Do you all know about the ridiculous sales at CVS?  I made a late trip there last night for shave gel, toothpaste, garbage bags, cat litter and coffee (I know, random).  My total bill would have been $37.02 (Bruce also asked for a coke on my way out the door and I gave $1 to St. Jude), but I only paid $25.97!  $11.05 in savings AND my receipt printed out a coupon for $3 off a purchase of $15 or more (which isn't really hard to do at CVS because they have everything).

I am definitely an amateur when it comes to CVS savings, so check out Southern Savers.  A lot of the grocery stores she talks about are specific to the south, but the section on CVS is virtual gold.

Does anybody else out there coupon?  A friend of mine from CPE got me hooked on it this summer and I was good for awhile, but have been distracted lately with all of the moving stuff.  Once I get settled in Connecticut I want to make a new commitment to shopping mindfully and saving money wherever possible!

Have a great day - see you later for Wear a Dress Tuesday pictures!

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  1. One of my facebook friends is always posting the ridiculously savings she gets online. I've always known people saved with coupons but didn't realize how much. She's always posting pictures of stuff that should cost around $50, but they she got for around $5.


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