Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's A Rainy Day, It's A Rainy Day ...

... It's rainy outside and I can't go out and play.
Why do we need rain anyway?

(10 bonus points goes to the person who can identify that song.)

The view from our balcony ...

Actually, the rainy day is kind of fitting after a gruelingly negative political campaign.  I'm not going to say much about the results on here, but I will say that I was disappointed in the way the returns were reported on last night.  The media kept focusing on the drama, on the divide between parties and on what has been going wrong.  There was absolutely no positive reporting or indications that U.S. citizens have the propensity within them to put aside differences and work together.  I would be relieved that the elections are over, but I feel like we are just going to move on to the upcoming presidential campaign and it will be just as bad - if not worse - than this election.  Blah.

The one thing I will say about the results is that I was disappointed that Amendment 2 didn't pass in Georgia.  I understand that times are tough and people are hesitant to willingly agree to another tax, but I was hoping for that income to be generated for more trauma centers.  I can only hope and pray that Georgia elected officials won't let the issue drop and consider finding monies somewhere else in the state budget to expand Georgia's trauma centers.

Okay - onward and upward!  Today's breakfast ...

That cup of coffee times two!  Still loving my french press.  And still loving that reflection beyond the coffee.  So pretty.

Now back to my song ...

Rainy Day - from SESAME STREET!  Now that will brighten up a gloomy day.


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